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NISHMAN HAIR STYLING SPIDER WAX BLACK WIDOW (149g/150ml)- Web Effect, Gloss Look, Extra Strong Hold

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The all-new NISHMAN SPIDER HAIR STYLING WAX S1 BLACK WIDOW has the strength of a gorilla and the durability of a Spider Web for your hairdo. With this new product, you'll be helping keep strong and flexible, while creating the best hairstyles that will last all day long, without any residues left. The new NISHMAN SPIDER HAIR WAX reflects your attitude in your look.
  • Easy&Enjoyful to apply and distribute
  • Adds thickness and texture
  • Water-Based Formula
  • Controls Even The Curliest, Thickest, Most Unruly Hair Out There
  •  Keeps Hair In Place And Looking Great All Day
  •  Use More Product For Increased Hold
  •  Excellent quality and flake-free
  •  Refreshing fragrance.
HOW TO USE: Apply the product to your hands and start clapping. You will create a spider-like web consistency that you can apply to your hair. Comb and style hair to keep in place. It has a refreshing scent to it, which makes your hair smell fresh
  • Size: 150ml